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Messy Play



We had a great time at Messy Play group this morning.  My daughter absolutely loves covering herself with paint, cornflour gloop, water, you name it!  Today she was obsessed with pouring water from one jug to another and back again.  She sat and did this for quite a while.  I’ve noticed that she is able to focus on tasks for a much longer time period now. 

I think that giving her the opportunity to touch, smell, see, hear and taste the many different foodstuffs as well as materials (maybe not so much taste with the materials!)  that were on offer has widened her interest in the variety of objects around her in every day life.  Appealing to all of her senses has, in my opinion, made her think in a more detailed way about the world around her.  She is interested in what water feels like when it is poured through her fingers, what noise it makes as it splashes the container it is in, what it smells like with and without raspberry tea bags in it, what colour it changes to, how the texture changes when biscuits are added to it, how it tastes with the plain water, the raspberry flavoured water and the biscuity mush too!  She is discovering that even the most straight forward seeming things can be much more fun.  We even tried out more messy play activities at home.  Cornflour gloop was another activity my daughter became engrossed in. 

Which messy play activities do you do with your children?  Which are their favourites?  It would be great to hear from you!