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Back to school homework help

The final couple of days of the Christmas holiday from school are upon us. It’s time to sort out the uniform, PE kit and book bag ready for Tuesday. We have really enjoyed our Christmas break but now it is time to start getting back into the school routine again. My son has only had reading homework over the holidays. I must admit that he has not done it though. He has been reading a lot, annuals, new story book as well as his books of facts and the occasional joke book but no school books have been read. We will hope to look at it on Monday. Possibly.

Soon we will be getting ready to start with the book reviews, spellings and times tables homework too. What type of homework do your children come home with? Do you find it difficult to get your children to actually do their homework? What homework help would be most useful to motivating your child to complete their tasks? I aim to write some future blog posts on ideas to help with homework so it would be great to write posts that would be most useful to my readers. I look forward to hearing from you!


Magical moments in the run up to Christmas

The last week of term has crept up on us.  I can not believe there are only a few days left until the holidays.  Our winter illnesses as well as the usual exhaustion felt by children, parents, carers and teachers is apparent in our household.  However, the exciting Christmas activities that have taken place in and outside of school have really kept us going.  During these last few days, we’ve taken part in Enterprise Day (where the children make and sell what they have been making in class) and Christmas Craft morning (where parents were invited into school to help their children take part in crafty activites).  A special Christmas meal, class party and carol service are all yet to come!  I love being able to be so involved in these activities with my son at his school.  My daughter also enjoys seeing her big brother a bit more.  Being able to chat with the other parents is wonderful too.  I feel very lucky.

What kinds of activities do your children do in school around Christmas time?  Are you invited to join in with any of them?   It would be great to hear about other magical experiences during the run up to Christmas!