Social gatherings during the Christmas break

Muddles/Muddy puddles
Splashing in muddy puddles!

Over the last couple of days, we have spent our time meeting up with family and friends. We had a relaxing walk in the local woods yesterday, the children and the dogs loved it! Watching my son and our friends’ daughter playing amongst the trees, picking up pine cones as well as helping to decide the route we were to take, was wonderful. My daughter had a fantastic time too. She particularly enjoyed jumping in the muddy puddles or, “Muddles,” as she calls them! She managed to fall over a few times but picked herself up quickly, searching for the next puddle to walk through in her wellies as she did so. We have not been to the woods many times so seeing the children explore and ask questions about their surroundings helped us to enjoy the experience even more. Our morning concluded with coffee and cake/last batch of the mince pies at home.

An afternoon visit from Grandma and Grandad in which they viewed all of the children’s Santa gifts, played with them and also drank coffee, meant that the children slept extremely well that night! I did not do as well though, I think I’d maybe had too much coffee.

This morning was spent catching up with a good friend whilst our children made the most of the new toys.  Not only was it great having a chat but the children had a fantastic time too.  Another resolution of mine now is to meet up with friends more often.

Our afternoon was spent visiting my boyfriend’s parents, which we all really enjoyed. They always make us feel very welcome so much so that the children were reluctant to leave today. We even took our dog, Floppy, round for a walk. She had a great time playing with their Jack Russells. Again, we seem to have a tired Floppy dog as well as two sleepy children. Mission accomplished! No coffee for me today though, so fingers crossed I’ll sleep well tonight too.

Tomorrow, we have more dog walking scheduled, the children are off to their Dad’s plus my boyfriend and I are going out for a meal with friends. Although we are having a relaxing time this holiday, we also have had quite a few social gatherings to attend.  We have all enjoyed seeing all of our family and friends a bit more than usual.

Walking the dog in the woods.
Walking Floppy in the woods.

Have you managed to meet up with family and friends over the  Christmas break?  Or have you preferred to have a quiet time at home?  It would be great to hear from you.


New Years Resolutions

It’s not often that I make resolutions at New Year, they either get forgotten after a month, are unrealistic or I know I should stick to them but… Oh well! My brother always manages to stay focused on his, depriving himself of chocolate, cake, crisps and beer for a whole year. I think his success in keeping going with it was down to his rule that he was allowed ten nights ‘off’ during the year, plus his sheer determination! He has inspired me to make a resolution this year. I am not stopping myself from doing something though. My resolution is to spend more time reading and learning about things I am interested in. I spend the majority if my time with my children and even though I love doing that, I think spending a bit of time by myself learning, as well as doing, the things I am intrigued by, will help me to feel more like ‘me’ again, rather than just being ‘a Mum.’ I just hope that I am able to find time, maybe an hour here or there every week, to achieve my aim.

What are your resolutions for 2014? How will you stick to them? Any tips on how I can stick to mine? Do you sometimes feel like you are ‘just a Mum/Dad’. It would be great to hear from you!