Daily Archives: January 1, 2014

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New Years Resolutions

It’s not often that I make resolutions at New Year, they either get forgotten after a month, are unrealistic or I know I should stick to them but… Oh well! My brother always manages to stay focused on his, depriving himself of chocolate, cake, crisps and beer for a whole year. I think his success in keeping going with it was down to his rule that he was allowed ten nights ‘off’ during the year, plus his sheer determination! He has inspired me to make a resolution this year. I am not stopping myself from doing something though. My resolution is to spend more time reading and learning about things I am interested in. I spend the majority if my time with my children and even though I love doing that, I think spending a bit of time by myself learning, as well as doing, the things I am intrigued by, will help me to feel more like ‘me’ again, rather than just being ‘a Mum.’ I just hope that I am able to find time, maybe an hour here or there every week, to achieve my aim.

What are your resolutions for 2014? How will you stick to them? Any tips on how I can stick to mine? Do you sometimes feel like you are ‘just a Mum/Dad’. It would be great to hear from you!