Winter illness

This week, we have all taken it in turns to be ill with the tummy bug, that is proving very popular in our area.

My son worked very hard on his ‘Narrator One’ part of his school play, performing it brilliantly several times to parents as well as to the rest of the children in his school.  Unfortunately, on the day I was supposed to attend the performance, my son was ill and had to have the day off school.  I was extremely disappointed.  The other parents had told me how fantastically he had spoken his words, loudly, clearly and there were a lot of words that he had learned.  His Headteacher had even congratulated him on doing such an amazing job.  I told my son that I was disappointed that I had not got to see him perform in his play but I had to be careful not to let my disappointment show too much.  After all, it was not his fault he was ill, plus he was just as disappointed himself.  I am very proud of his achievement. Even though I missed it, it is wonderful how supportive the other parents and teachers were in informing me how it all went.  His lovely teacher even sent home a photograph of him all dressed up in his smart clothes that was taken during the play.

Although that was a disappointing time, we are glad, in a way, that we have got this particular winter bug out of the way before Christmas.  Now to look forward to the festivities…


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