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Christmas play day

After being away from home since Christmas Day, we have spent today playing with all the lovely toys that the children have received for Christmas. Mr Frosty was the first thing my son wanted to use. I must admit, it was my first choice too. I loved using my Mr Frosty as a child! My daughter dressed up as Minnie Mouse and enjoyed a strawberry slushie. Lots of jigsaws were made, spy codes were deciphered plus lots of, “Eughs,” we’re shouted when the pot of alien slime was brought out. All in all, a fun day of trying out the new toys! Now peace has been restored with the calming DVDs as both children are exhausted.

How have your Christmas play times gone? Ours had minimal disagreements this year. Did yours?


Mince pies and monster eyes

The play doh Christmas tree that we all made together.
The play doh Christmas tree that we all made together.

Our Christmas activity morning did not go as planned this week. Both children (and me!) had a great time making a play doh Christmas tree together. It was a lovely, relaxing start to our day.

After, what seemed no time at all, Christmas was deemed boring. My son had done lots of Christmassy things at school and now wanted to do something a bit different. He proceeded to make a monster. Things were fine to start with, he cut out the body and started to make some eyes for it, while my daughter happily pulled apart piece of green play doh into about thirty little bits/’baubles’ for the tree. Lulled into a false sense of security, we were all having fun, some Christmassy, some not so Christmassy, but still a good time was being had by all. That was until my daughter saw the monster eyes that had been made. I could not have anticipated what followed. My daughter started screaming. A lot. Then screamed some more at a much higher pitch! I asked her what was wrong, so she started saying, “Monster eyes, Mummy! Worry.” So, as any normal six year old boy would do at hearing his sister was scared of something, he put the play doh eyes in front of her face. Giggling as he did this. Although I did not think it possible, my daughter managed an even higher pitch of squeal than she had ever produced before, followed by my son also squealing and shouting because he thought it would be funny to join in. This was not the morning I had planned.

Monster eyes!  Aaaggghhh!!
Monster eyes! Aaaggghhh!!

After a little while, it all went quiet as my daughter had covered her eyes with her hands so that the monster wouldn’t get her. Explaining that it was play doh and not a real monster (by this time, the modified play doh eyes were firmly attached to the monster), did not work. With hands still over her eyes and a little boy being told off for winding his sister up, it was decided that the monster should meet his end. When I asked my son to get rid of it, i.e. put the play doh back in the tub, it seems stabbing it with a craft tool was the only option he viewed as being available to him. Covering my own face with my hands, I expected more crying but alas, his stabbing plan had worked. My daughter was satisfied that the monster was now gone.

Bye, bye monster.
Bye, bye monster.

Half an hour passed, in which we put the play doh away and sat down to read a story (not about monsters) to calm down from the trauma. Hoping desperately to salvage some kind of Christmas theme, I announced that mince pie making was next on the agenda. What could go wrong with that? Thankfully, it all went very well. We all stayed calm and absolutely no monsters were present. Phew!

Mince pie making
Mince pie making
More mince pies...
More mince pies…
Yummy mince pies with cakes that we made earlier.
Yummy mince pies with cakes that we made earlier.

How have your Christmas activities been going?  Better than mine I hope!  It would be great to hear your Christmas activity stories.

Magical moments in the run up to Christmas

The last week of term has crept up on us.  I can not believe there are only a few days left until the holidays.  Our winter illnesses as well as the usual exhaustion felt by children, parents, carers and teachers is apparent in our household.  However, the exciting Christmas activities that have taken place in and outside of school have really kept us going.  During these last few days, we’ve taken part in Enterprise Day (where the children make and sell what they have been making in class) and Christmas Craft morning (where parents were invited into school to help their children take part in crafty activites).  A special Christmas meal, class party and carol service are all yet to come!  I love being able to be so involved in these activities with my son at his school.  My daughter also enjoys seeing her big brother a bit more.  Being able to chat with the other parents is wonderful too.  I feel very lucky.

What kinds of activities do your children do in school around Christmas time?  Are you invited to join in with any of them?   It would be great to hear about other magical experiences during the run up to Christmas!

Winter illness

This week, we have all taken it in turns to be ill with the tummy bug, that is proving very popular in our area.

My son worked very hard on his ‘Narrator One’ part of his school play, performing it brilliantly several times to parents as well as to the rest of the children in his school.  Unfortunately, on the day I was supposed to attend the performance, my son was ill and had to have the day off school.  I was extremely disappointed.  The other parents had told me how fantastically he had spoken his words, loudly, clearly and there were a lot of words that he had learned.  His Headteacher had even congratulated him on doing such an amazing job.  I told my son that I was disappointed that I had not got to see him perform in his play but I had to be careful not to let my disappointment show too much.  After all, it was not his fault he was ill, plus he was just as disappointed himself.  I am very proud of his achievement. Even though I missed it, it is wonderful how supportive the other parents and teachers were in informing me how it all went.  His lovely teacher even sent home a photograph of him all dressed up in his smart clothes that was taken during the play.

Although that was a disappointing time, we are glad, in a way, that we have got this particular winter bug out of the way before Christmas.  Now to look forward to the festivities…