Halloween Celebrations

For us, the Halloween celebrations started yesterday with the school disco.  Convincing my son not to wear every spooky costume he had was a challenge.  It took a considerable amount of time to persuade him that wearing a wooly pumpkin hat, a witch hat and his monster hoodie would make him rather hot once he had danced about a bit. He had a great time (in only the pumpkin hat).  He even won a prize for his dancing, although he did give it back as he didn’t think he deserved it.  My son is very honest.  An extremely admirable quality…possibly.

Our carved pumpkin, designed by my son.
Our carved pumpkin, designed by my son.

We carved out a face and a bat on our medium sized pumpkin and lit it up in preparation for tomorrow.  The children enjoyed ‘scooping out the brains’ of the pumpkin, looking at the shadows it created on the wall as well as helping to decide on our designs. As they couldn’t cut the design into the pumpkin themselves, they made their own Playdoh versions.  My daughter spent much of the evening, in addition to today, shouting, “Look pumpkin Mummy!” as she ran back and forth between the living room and the kitchen.

Playdoh pumpkins
Playdoh pumpkins

Tonight we shall be going to a Halloween party and the children will be trick or treating for the first time.  I think it will be more treats than tricks though.  The whole idea of dressing up, walking about with their friends in the dark and having lots of sweets to eat is a very exciting prospect for them.  Fingers crossed that not too many sweets will be consumed before bedtime, otherwise I’m sure tucking them in will be a chore tonight.

When I was young, Halloween wasn’t as popular as it is now.  I remember dressing up as a witch every year (my only costume that Mum bought a few sizes to big for me to ‘grow into’) but I can’t ever remember trick or treating or doing much else for the event.  Now, the shops are full of costumes, as well as many, many other items coloured orange and black for the occassion.  I’ve read articles on whether Britain is becoming to ‘Americanised’ about this and if it is a good or bad thing to be promoting ideas of the supernatural.  In my opinion, as long as the children are having fun, staying safe, not getting into trouble and enjoying socialising with their friends, surely Halloween is a good thing.  What do you think?


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