Special apple juice

Recently, we have been spending some time in the countryside picking pears and apples from my Grandparents’ trees.  I have fond memories of picking fruit from these trees in my own childhood so taking my children to gather fruit was wonderful!  The children had a great time picking through the apples that had fallen and occassionally letting out a, “Eugh! That’s mouldy!” There were a few giggles when my partner shook the apples from the tree, immediately followed by all of us quickly diving in to pick them up.  My son even had a go at shaking a few branches.  Once we had collected enough, somewhat heavy, bags full of apples and pears, we loaded them into the car ready for preparing to make into apple juice for the children and special apple juice for the grown ups.

A few of the apples we gathered.  We didn’t gather as many pears this time.  The ones we did get were eaten by the children.

Our apples chopped into quarters
After washing them, we chopped them into quarters and had a quick coffee to keep our energy levels up.


My partner made his own apple press and my daughter helped to turn the handle.
The children enjoyed a nice glass of apple juice each but we are waiting for our special apple juice to be ready in a few months :-).

All in all, a fun and procuctive couple of days.  There are more apples and pears on the trees though.  Maybe we will do it all again soon.


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