Daily Archives: October 15, 2013

Working from home

I am in an extremely fortunate position; my ‘work’ includes spending lots of time with my children, doing many different fascinating activities with them each day as well as watching them grow and develop into imaginative and creative people. 

Finding out what my children are interested in or what ‘catches their eye’ when we are out and about is always a great place for us to start to learn more about the world we live in.  We share stories (and the love of reading that goes with it!) as well as counting with my two year old daughter and times tables with my six year old son.  It is tremendously important to me that my children have fun while doing this learning.  Putting pressure on my children to learn something they don’t want to or that they are not bothered about always backfires, in my experience.

Homework used to be a challenge for us.  After a long day at school, tea time, bath and having time to unwind from the day’s activities, homework is often the last thing that anyone feels like doing.  I believe it is important though.  Consolidating reading, writing, spelling, phonics and number work after school are helpful to my child as it aids him in his everyday work at school.  Stressing and pushing my son to do it never works for us: screaming and crying ensue, he’s later to bed than we would like and it doesn’t bode well for the next time we do homework as he remembers what a chore it was and how upset he got which puts a negative block in his mind.  Instead, I try to find ways to make homework more manageable and easier to make him do, without him reacting like this.  He is a ‘doer’, he likes to make, build and discover things by physically moving, manipulating and seeing with his own eyes how things work and how these relate to him specifically.  Homework is less of a challenge now, as we use techniques that are better suited to him.

I feel incredibly lucky to be able to support my children at the start of their lives to prepare them for the increasingly competitive world we live in.  In my blog, I would like to share some of the activities I do with my children.  I would also like to hear from parents, guardians and carers of children of any other ideas in addition to issues in the everyday lives of children.  Blogging to share ideas, problems as well as solutions is an amazing tool to help us all to figure out how we can make our, sometimes overwhelming, task of caring for children, more manageable and exciting.